As befits a device that will be the heart of a digital audio system, the ZWEIMANN DAC  employs two VERITA AK4490 DACs, designed by Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation for use in high-end audio equipment.

The VERITA AK 4490 chips are widely use in audio equipments:

The VELVET SOUND architecture of the AK4490 is capable of producing a finely-detailed and expressive  sound at frequencies audibility, necessary for Hi-Res Audio playback. And newly developed Low Distortion Technology achieves 112dB of S/(N+D) which is the highest level in the industry for a 120dB-class DAC..
As well as 11.2MHz DSD Native playback, the ZWEIMANN  DAC also supports wide variety of Hi-Res Audio sources, including 384kHz/32-bit PCM, and delivers on Hi-Res Audio’s promise of smooth, ultra-detailed sound and an outstanding soundstage.

In the tube section, the ZWEIMANN DAC employs a fully-balanced circuit design from the output of the D/A Converters with four amplifiers — both positive and negative for the left and right channels. With this circuit design, audio signal paths are simplified and independent left and right channels and phase is preserved for clear sound quality with outstanding channel separation.

“..ZWEIMANN DAC is first and foremost an example of excellent dynamics and micro dynamics as well as a thorough separation of noises on a clear noise free background..”

“My Mazurkas never sounds better”….Frederic Chopin

Our Technology

Dual Mono

Dual-Mono construction guaranteed to have a good channel separation and immunity to noise. The digital Section is build on two AKM 4490EQ, 120dB 768kHz/32-bit 2ch Premium DAC, one for each channel.
Two separate Power Suppliers with two independent toroidal transformers in pure Hi-End design , one for the DAC and the second one for the Tube Buffer

Dual Soft Start, DSS ™

True Balanced Pre amplifier with soft start for cathode heating and followed by a soft start for anode heating.Soft Start Technology (Double Soft Start, DSS™) is depending of the actually used tubes that mean the time to accrue the heating temperature of the tubes is the tube depending. Customers can change their tubes and the DSS™ will adjust start and duration time accordingly.