Inventor Michael Cwejman acquired more than 35 years of solid and extensive experience by working in several companies mostly in Sweden, UK and Poland (Ascom Tateco, Ericsson, Marconi, Lampizator). His work spanned on various roles utilizing both analogue and digital technologies.

Throughout his many years in different professional capacities, he had passion for music reproduction. A desire to listen to music with all instruments nuances in a home setting was so strong that inspired him to pursue craft of making audio speakers with different variations, amplifiers and active filters.

Like with everything in life, one thing led to another.

As technology progress facilitated music in the digital domain, he wanted to have control over digital sound that was stripped of nuances produced by analogue technology was delivering. His passion and quest for excellence resulted in design and development of “ZWEIMANN” products.

Michael says:

My passion supported by professional experience in digital and analogue domain was, and is like a catalytic agent for the highest quality of products. Broad vision, knowledge, experience, perseverance, determination and ongoing learning led to the ZWEIMANN DAC.

ZWEIMANN DAC has merged two technologies: digital and analogue in the best possible way. I reckon, there are not many DACs on the market today made by electronic engineers with extensive experience. Today the big companies manufacture audio equipment only with digital technology with rather average quality for masses.

On the other hand small companies utilize vacuum tubes in their products dedicated for narrow group of audio enthusiasts, but are lacking digital experience. ZWEIMANN has both digital and long term analogue experience. The ZWEIMANN DAC is not the first DAC I made.  I had opportunity to work in well known global companies that were making different various tube DACs. However ZWEIMANN is the first DAC that meets my both engineering and sonic expectations, where digital and analogue worlds meet together in best possible manner.

I am very proud of it!

Sound is not only something you hear, it is also something you experience

Our DAC is no technological marvel. We strive to keep it simple and clean, and that counts for both sound and design.

The work that led to the Zweimann DAC has been rather simple. We did not test hundreds of “chips” and solutions. Instead we built on a slow and meticulous process, trial and error. We built on previous experience, discarded what did not work and tried new and simple solutions.

And so we decided on the principle of “dual mono” not only in the digital part but also in analogue section. Our DAC have two separately power suppliers. We built on the excellent chips from AKM . The user can choose to listen to his or her recordings by using seven digital inputs: USB, SPDiF, Toslink , AES/EBU, Bluetooth, and using 5 digital filters or completely bypass the audio stage in order not to muddle the sound and connect to the tube or solid-state amplifier.